You can’t hide the truth in a grave…and I’m not talking about Jesus!!!

After “hiding” the eggs in my parents’ yard…”oh my, I think I saw the bunny hopping away, let’s go find him” I grabbed her hand and we were out the door. She (my beautiful and of course smart niece) picked up the strategically placed plastic eggs filled with goodies. With every reach of her hands, I couldn’t help myself but to think of how similar this “hunt” was to real life. She was tenacious! She smiled the whole way. Suprisingly she didn’t run around like a maniac. She did have a hustle in her bustle but not in a way that was chaotic….her demeanor was more methodical in nature. I was soooo proud! She didn’t skip a beat and when she couldn’t reach one on her own, she said “auntie, help?!?!”

Why was I thinking about adult life during this childhood activity???? Who knows? Maybe it’s because so many of us ADULTS blame our childlike behavior on our past experiences. How many times have I (or you) heard someone say, well it’s because when I was a kid…….”. Ugghhh, am I the only one who wants to say something to those people such as “ummmm…grow up!!!!!” Those people are usually the ones who go through life reaching for things just out of their reach, not being able to grab them, and not asking the appropriate people for assistance! I will be damned if I am going to be that kind of person!

Why is it that so many people (my past being being one) are so scared of asking for help? When I say help, I am not saying hand out in the least way! I’m saying advice, feedback, etc.? How does anyone ever learn that there are ways of getting of debt without selling your youth to the man? Would anyone ever learn that there’s a way to repair your credit even after poor financial decisions, upside down mortgages, bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, etc.? Would anyone ever find ways to make more than his/her salary by helping those they love? The answer is….NO!

The “hunt” in real life, as we all know, has different results for different people. For my sweet, beautiful, smart niece it turned out egg-stratadorily well!!! Why???? Because she knew when she needed help and wasn’t afraid to ask the right person for it! Are you going through life knowing and seeing what’s right in front of you, however to scared to ask for help???? Well…do it…the truth is people need to be guided, people need education, people need to take action based on what they learn! Don’t just stand by and watch your youth pass you by….DO SOMETHING! ASK FOR GUIDANCE! TAKE A CHANCE! If you fail, at least you tried and I bet you’d still be in a better position than you would be if you didn’t do anything!!!

The answers don’t need to stay in the grave…they need to be shared with love! I want you to be able to enjoy an extended holiday weekend (like I am) without the worries of how am I going to pay (blah, blah, blah), or if I take an extra day what are the consequences, etc.. Continue to read, share, like, and I PROMISE I will show you the ways that I have found torepair my credit, get credit cards weeks after bankruptcy (being used MORE THAN RESPONSIBLY) , and make more than I do at my REAL job! Privately inbox me NOW after liking my financially fearless female Facebook page and I won’t make you wait for the secret of getting a credit card to start repairing your credit.

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