What Court Date!?!?

She read it so frantically over the phone I could hardly understand her words. “Mom, calm down, slow down. All I heard was Cheryl Connors did not appear. Read it again.” She cleared her throat and I heard her take a deep breath and she began again from the top.

It was a letter from the Sussex County Court stating that there was a trial set for April 23rdwhich was yesterday, and that my ex attended pro se and that I was not in attendance. The reason being, I was not served, nor did my ex forward me the papers that were sent to the “shared” home. “We” were being sued because of mandatory association fees not being paid for 2011 and 2012. We all know what “we” means….ME. Let me remind you, I left the House of Horrors January 2011.

I have to go to court in June because they realized that I was not properly served due to the fact that I do not reside there anymore. I am not fearful because the way I make decisions have and will continue to change drastically! This little DRAMA just may have sped up the process. FEARLESS baby!!!! To be continued after the court date….

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