The Worst Person You Can Lie To is YOU!

Opening the inbox and emails sent from the fearless to me is one of my greatest pleasures. I am so happy that I have helped people to start thinking about their financial lives. Speaking/meeting with them has allowed me to connect them with the right resources for their unique situations. Finding out about their subsequent successes towards their goals has been an ego booster for me.

What I have noticed is that there are two distinct personality types that send the initial request to chat. The first being those who truly want to evaluate themselves, look at their situation, and make a plan of attack for the future. The other personality type (and I’m sure I’ll lose some followers for saying this….but you know me…only the truth!!!) are those who will never truly do anything to better themselves.

People who don’t understand why this has happened to them are the people I’m talking about. You know the type…those who “want THE secret”….like there’s one easy thing to do to make it all better!!!

People who make appointments and don’t stick to them. Gosh, the ones who make excuses about not being able to get their paperwork together, their phones being screwed up, etc.. You know what?! I will not help those who will not help themselves!

THE BIG SECRET is your success financially, emotionally, socially is based on YOU!!! If you are wondering why you are in the situation you are in then maybe you haven’t truly evaluated yourself and your actions! I’d like everyone to challenge themselves to take full responsiblity for your actions this week. Many think that they already do this, however, so many don’t realize how often the “but it’s because…” or “if ____ didn’t happen, then____” phrases are used and believed. It’s bad enough when people try to BS someone else, but what’s even worse is when they feed themselves a line of bull to feel better. Let the truth sting for awhile. Similar to a doctor or dentist appointment, it will only last for a short time and later not only will you feel better but you will truly be healthier.

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