The High Cost of Cable

Expansion was needed. The cardboard was placed on the grass. I pressed the nozzle and water flowed from the spray hose soaking it. The black mulch was spread on top. Lasagna gardening, the easiest way to start a new (or expand) a garden bed. Within a day that expansion needs another expansion. It’s amazing the things you can accomplish when your mind is not in comatose mode in front of a television.

A year and half has gone by and the call for cable has yet to be made. Initially, it was because I couldn’t afford to have the hook up. Then it was because I was too cheap. Now it’s just because I am having to much fun doing more productive things like gardening and blogging.

Imagine all of the things that you say “I just don’t have time to….”. Now think about the amount of time you spend brain dead in front of the tube. I don’t care if you say you only watch a show or two. Even if it’s only an hour a day, that’s almost a “work day” per week. For those who say they need to find a way to have a second income try using the “downtime” creatively and turn that time into money rather than spend money on useless past-time.

I challenge you to stop the ridiculous spending of your hard earned buck. How much do you spend on cable tv bill per month? I could guess that many spend 100 or more bucks per month on the boob tube. Now multiply that by 12. What would you like to do with 1,200 dollars or more????

I prefer living my life rather than watching fictional characters live theirs! The amount of money is the cheaper of the two things you spend on cable. Your life is the more valuable of the two, unless you spend in on the couch.

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