The American Dream

Pulling up to the house I saw my 2 uncles cars parked outside. This is f’n wierd. They both hate each other and it’s 11 pm. What the hell is going on??? I walked in the house and my mother had tears in hers eyes. I was 19 and as much as I thought I understood the world, I was terribly mistaken. “Daddy had a stroke, and that’s all we know”. No f’n lie, I literally fell to the floor next to the organ in the formal living room. A few minutes later they were out the door headed to pennsylvania to the hospital.

More than 15 years later my father and mother beat all of the f’n odds. They said he wouldn’t make it more than 24 hours. F*** that! He did!!!! Then they said my mother would have to find a nursing home for him because they said he would never be able to get out of bed. F**** that! He did!!!! Upon his exit of several months of in-patient therapies all of the odds were against them being able to keep their home and financial securities that they worked so many years to acquire. F*** that!!!! It’s been 15 years since that day that changed our lives…and you know what??? I just dropped my mother back home and walked past that same organ while yelling to my dad “we’re back” after a day of shopping for plants and lunch by a lake.

Why is it that some people make it no matter what and others use every FUCKING excuse in the book in order to fail???? It disgusts me! There are people with true problems, disabilities, etc in life that make it difficult to even go to the park or town council meeting (that’s another story though…I’ll copy my letter to the bergen record for those who are interested) however somehow someway they make it! Others who think they have problems cry their woos and continue to cry about it until the day they die! WTF! Do something! No matter what the situation! Don’t be one of those people who make others have an excuse to make broad overgeneralizations.

Do you think that your situation is unbearable and unchangeable? Do you cry yourself to sleep or can’t sleep thinking that things will never get better??? Do you wonder why your life isn’t what you thought it would be??? Listen! Nothing is impossible! The American Dream of happiness can be yours no matter what cards you are dealt. Put your F-N poker face on andwin!!!! Don’t let any fool (including yourself) tell you that you don’t have a winning hand! You can help yourself! If you need someone to lead you in the direction, you know the drill…inbox me or email me at

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