Mission Impossible??? Nothing’s Impossible!!!

No more f’n games. I wasn’t giving in to demands anymore, except of course my own. I had it planned out. On the way to Willowbrook Mall I read aloud the informal property settlement agreement to Michelle (my sister) as she drove.

We were on the way to meet you know who, and I wasn’t taking any chances. We switched cell phones just in case my phone were to somehow land in the possession of someone who would erase vital text messages. She waited just out of sight of the food court. She knew that if I didn’t come back to our meeting spot or text her within 10 minutes something went very wrong and to get me and help if necessary.

As I approached the tables, I saw him reviewing his copies. With each step forward, I kept reminding myself of the mission at hand. Get the papers signed. Get the papers signed. GET THE F”N PAPERS SIGNED! As a sat across from him, I asked if he understood everything. After reviewing the document several times, I agreed to make a change regarding the amount of time he had to pay off a loan to my 401K and mother if he decided to keep the property that we purchased next door to our house. If he did not pay it, he would have to deed the land to me. Fair right? I thought so.

The settlement agreement also included the decision to do a “short sale” on our house. This was included at his request. I thank god that he came to that decision because he felt he had the upper hand in decision making and I didn’t have to fight for it to be added. For those that don’t know what a short sale is, it is when a house is sold at a price lower than what is owed on the property based upon negotiations with the bank by it’s purchaser. Short sales are performed on houses that are tied to underwater delinquent mortgages.

Everything else was his….furniture, household belongings, appliances…you know all the nonsense that people spend so much time arguing about who gets what. I decided there’s no reason to argue. It wasn’t worth my time, energy, or effort. THINGS don’t matter!

The last clause regarded his annuity and my 401K. After the informal agreement were to be signed, Helen would draft the official document to be filed and then I would sign a release for him to be able to withdraw from his annuity. I didn’t want that either. I can say that was fair too right? But, there was absolutely no way I would sign it prior to the final draft being filed.

Ahhh, I can breathe. He picked up the pen. It touched the paper. Scribbled his signature. YES! Mission Accomplished! Or so I thought. He handed me his annuity papers to sign. “I told you and we just finished reading it. It says I will not sign this until the final copy is filed”. With that my hopes that this would be a civil meeting ended. As his hand lifted from the table, I knew what was about to happen. I grabbed my papers so tight that my knuckles turned white instantly….To Be Continued.

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