I Will Survive

As you already know, I don’t hold back and I say it how I see it. I was f-n scared when I actually saw my financial life on paper. The chart put everything in perspective. I actually saw where my money was going. I worked hard long hours. I was frugal, used coupons, and didn’t pamper myself in the least bit. I was trying to do the “right things”. After what one may call monetary mourning, I realized I must learn from my mistakes. But what were my mistakes????

The questions I had to ask myself hurt. Did I have a savings account? When I did have a savings did I dip into it to pay bills? Did the credit card transfer game really work? Was I using a credit card to “get by” each month? If something happened to me tomorrow, how long would I be able to survive financially? The last question actually made me dizzy. How would I survive?!?! Credit only works if you continue paying for it. If I couldn’t work tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my bills and my credit would then be shot to hell.

After my mini-breakdown from the realization that I wouldn’t be able to survive for long, I decided that my first mistake was that I worried about my precious credit score more than my financial security. I had a 760 credit score, however I didn’t have a savings account and mychecking account was liquid…it was swallowed up the second it had a direct deposit. Although I paid some bills late, I was savvy enough to figure out what bills could be late without reporting to credit and what needed to be paid on time.

I made my first decision. I was no longer worried about my credit. I know for many this sounds scary, but the alternative of not being able to survive was even scarier. I was going to use my savviness to benefit myself and not my creditors. Although I have taken several steps regarding this decision that I will discuss in later posts, I decided that I was sick of paying bad debt and I was no longer going to do it…to be continued.

In the meantime, I would like you to think about the questions I asked myself based upon the chart. If you haven’t competed it, don’t let procrastination and fear holds you back. It’s scary, but I promise that you will be able to overcome any challenge that you find if you actually take the first step.

I would also like to thank all of you who have viewed my posts. The view count each day has been astounding. I do realize that on your way to fearlessness, your embarrassment of what you may deem as failure may be holding you back from being a follower or posting comments. What I want to encourage is for my viewers to privately email me questions or comments and I will respond and ensure your complete anonymity. Put financially fearless female in thesubject line, my email is connors1978@aol.com.

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