As I approached the elevators, I giggled and it immediately turned into a full blown belly laugh. Some have told me that my laugh is quite unique. I guess you could say it’s a playful uncontrollable cackle. There are certain things that I cannot change about myself. My laugh is one of those things and getting lost in a large parking garage (or small parking lot for that matter) is another one. I had just realized for the gazzilionth time in my life that I did not take notice of the floor number where I had parked. Oh well…I am glad that I have a sense of humor!!!!

There are certain things I will accept as unchangeable. Other things not so much! The insane behavior of continual payments and not being able to get out of debt (at least until retirement age) was one of those unacceptable things. After using my handy dandy chart that I spoke of in earlier posts, I realized that yes I could continue to make payments and have a greatcredit score, but what would that get me? Happiness? Not so much! I would have had to continue to make those payments until I was 60 and then what???? I’d be tired and feel defeated that the my youth was spent working for nothing except a credit score that would allow me to get more money that would put me in more debt!

Bankruptcy. Yes, I know…7 years of bad credit, people thinking that I don’t take responsibility, blah blah blah!!!! What was the alternative? Continue to do what I was doing and no changes in life. Besides, I really don’t care what people have to say about me. Either you love me or hate me…there’s no in between. Decisiveness and the ability to stick to your guns usually gets “haters”.

There are two ways to live your life 1. Making good decisions 2. Worrying about what others want you to do to make them feel happy or better about themselves…therefore making bad decisions or worse, doing nothing. I prefer option #1 because then I am happy and I know that those who surround themselves around me truly love ME and are intrinsically happy people because they are not looking for the proverbial “fat chick” friend to make them feel better by comparing a miserable existence to their lives.

I titled this post as GT(F’n)M and I know many are questioning why. The answer….As I stepped out of the courtroom towards those elevators, after having to explain my financial history (which as we all know includes a dissertation of an emotional dramatic past because it is inseparable) to a court appointed trustee, I was making the first steps towards a debt-free existence. As I finally found my car (which by the way was an adventure in itself that I will speak about in future posts), I realized the next steps were even more essential in my quest for a life where survival was no longer a question and “wealth” was and continues to be redefined as I make more and more progress towards my short and long term goals.

As I sit here writing this post, I can tell you that I have been able to save 85% of my income since January 1st. My initial goal was 50% and then when I did it I said F that, up the ante and make it HARD! At least I was doing something HARD to benefit myself and not others! You know what??? Since it’s for me, it’s not as difficult or HARD as I thought it would be…I just keep thinking about how it’s going to get me to my next goal and how I’m enjoying the process of Getting The (F’n) Money!!!

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