Free Falling

As the gear was being placed around my body, buckles fastened in a way that felt uncomfortable, I struggled to listen to my instructor who I could barely understand due to hisheavy accent. Hold the straps, blah blah blah, tilt you head back, something something, and arch like a banana. Thankfully the directions were repeated a few more times.

As we approached the plane, I kept thinking to myself, I want to do this…Don’t think about it anymore and get scared out of it…Just f’n do it! I climbed the few stairs and walked ducking down to the bench seat. Amazingly enough while the plane ascended I did stop thinking and just did. The door opened I waved to the camera man, plummeted into the blue sky, and screamed a bit. Ok, alot….but then the screaming subsided and I was laughing and smiling while talking to the instructor after the chute opened.

For me the free-fall into bankruptcy was very similar to today’s jump into the sky. I knew I wanted to do it and I knew it was something that I would regret not doing. People explained to me the process and the consequences. I didn’t understand the process at first. However, repeated discussions and questions allowed me to digest the information needed to proceed. I stopped thinking about the negative and just did.

Like skydiving, bankruptcy is something that people don’t do because they are fearful. Don’t fall into the trap of safety. Safety referring to not doing what others may feel is dangerous. Safety referring to worrying what others may think about your choices. Safety as in doing what you are currently doing and not changing due to fear. Are you fearful to make the leap into bankruptcy? Does the solution sound to easy? Do you need someone to talk to about your questions and concerns? If you’re thinking about finally changing your financial future and you have questions, inbox me on facebook or email me at (put financially fearless female in the subject box).

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