Don't Box Yourself In!

If anyone ever told me that the smell of animal urine could have been worse than the Love Shack to House of Horrors pre remodel, I would think he/she was a liar….untill today. The smell of urine overpowered my sinuses and I felt like I was going to vomit. However, I walked in and watched two very special men in my life smile from ear to ear. They weren’t smiling because they were thinking about something dumb like remodeling the stinky house. Their smiling faces were directly related to dollar signs they saw from the contents of the home.

Everywhere you turn the financial “gurus” say decrease spending, increase revenue. No s***! I think these supposed experts are missing 2 key ingrediants to the recipe. The first one being the importance of knowing what you are “working” towards. Second, teaching people to become creative in ways to make additional funds.

What’s truly amazing to me is that when you start to really think about the two, they become interchangeable. When it’s not “work”, it’s amazing how much money you can make because you can do it with those you care about and everyone profits. I’m sure that something that everyone works towards is having more time with important people in their lives. We hear so much about “quality time” and it’s importance between parents and children, friendships, marriages, etc, however so many people discount the fact that this can be paired with financial endeavors. This also diminsishes the value of the statement “I just don’t have time to….”

Even if at the beginning the financial gain is minimal, it’s more than you had before. I mean really, why is it some people think outside of the box and come up with ideas like running facebook sites to sell stuff instead of ebay in order to eliminate shipping and all of the other bs. Others use their artistic talents to sell items that are handmade. Some go through their old books or even scavange garage sales where books are bought for a quarter and resell them for much more. While others walk dogs as a family (which by the way includes excersise that so many say they don’t have time for). Trading services/products is another means of getting what you need and there are several internet sites such that provide you with contacts for bartering if you don’t have them already (check your tax professional for applicable 1099 information).

I challenge you to come up with a dollar amount for a months time that you will acquire in addition to the income you currently produce. This amount can include the value of services/goods you earn through trade. Come up with that number and stick to it. Get creative. Even if it’s 100 bucks. That one’s easy too…some already received information to make a quick 100, however there are several new similar opportunities for more money up to 300 bucks. Get this information by posting a link for my blog on your facebook wall. Do me a favor though and inbox me on facebook just in case I don’t see the link. I want to make sure you get the opportunity to make some dinero :0)

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