Borrower to Lender

Although exciting in a weird twisted way, I knew I couldn’t hide from the repo man forever. We laugh about it now, but my poor mother was less than amused at the encounters that would occur at her home with the burly men knocking at her door in the middle of the night. I needed to get a pair of wheels fast. I also knew that the bankruptcy attorney needed to get paid in order for my life to move in the direction I wanted. The papers were signed but not yet filed until the final installment was in his hand.

Sitting at the dining room table, I used a toothpick to untangle the mess of my jewelry box. No matter how many times in the past I had tried to organize the damn thing, the same result would occur within weeks. A knotted twisted mess of necklaces, chains, bracelets, etc. that I rarely if ever wore. As each piece became untangled, I felt more of a relief. Not only was I getting rid of a part of my past, but it was one step closer to a future that I envisioned.

Walking into the first shop where I brought my goods, including my engagement and wedding rings, I was thoroughly disappointed with the offer. Desperation was no longer in my vocabulary or life. I was not going to “just settle” for anything anymore. I went to the next shop where there were many vendors and began to table hop. Each table brought me a sense of pride. Because of my tactics of playing vendors off of each other, I netted more than double the offer from the first shop. I was now able to pay off the attorney.

Now for the next step, getting my jalopy. I needed the wheels prior to my date in court. In the past I was to “prideful” to ask for help. Look where that pride had landed me! If I was going to have a different financial life I had to start going about things differently. I ate my “pride” and asked for a personal loan from a special friend. I now have pride knowing good vs. bad debt. This loan was paid off quickly, due to the fact that it assisted me in getting out of bad debt.

Only a few short months later, the phrase pay it forward now describes my financial endeavors. I've been able to loan that special friend money for short periods of time,

The moral of the story is to do things differently. Make a decision and find ways to do it. Let go of your past. Ask for help. You never know when you may need the assistance and you never know who might be the one to assist you unless you ask. Trust others and help them too.

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