Closing Time

With the shredded documents still in my sweaty hands, I ran to our meeting spot as I heard obscenities being screamed at me. “You f’n b ****” was the common theme along with a few other choice comments. Funny though, because instead of crawling into a ball and becoming numb as I did in the past, I felt more alive than ever before. By the time my sister and I reached security and the police, he was gone.

Of course Helen knew about the meeting and received an immediate phone call. “Honey, you did a good job. If you got him to sign once, we’ll get it done again.” We both knew it wouldn’t happen again out of a courthouse. She was right. A few months later, the agreement was signed and because it was the final agreement being filed, I agreed to sign whatever was necessary for him to withdraw against his annuity.

Now that you know all that lead up to my financial disaster, I am able to move forward and begin to tell you about how I have learned to not only avoid obstacles but how I’ve been able to defeat them and use them as valuable tools to my successes. Some may ask why I went into such great detail about certain circumstances. My response is that I am sure many readers relate to what has happened to me. Other’s, as different as their situations may be, have circumstances that are equally as intense. My goal was to show you, that no matter where you are in life, no matter what obstacle(s) you are facing, it is possible to make a complete financial change for the better. There is no reason to be fearful. The only thing to be fearful of is remaining where you are and doing what you are doing.

As many of you know, and for those of you that don’t, I no longer have debt to banks, I no longer live pay check to pay check, and I’m able to save the majority of my net income. As I continue to achieve the goals I’ve outlined for myself, I will be able to aquire income producing assets within the next 2 months (and do it without owing anyone anything). CASH.

The people I am close to know why my financial goals are so important to me. Above and beyond never feeling the tightness in my muscles over not being able to survive, the little things like landscaping costs and other “luxuries” for my parents, taking my niece on adventures while, and smelling the roses (literally as well as figuratively) are part of my continued drive. I look forward to spilling the beans regarding my financial decisions…. and I promise to and be as open and honest as I have been about my dramatic past. I’d like to know where are you now? What are your financial goals? Where do you think your drive will come from in regards to staying on track? Are you ready to finally put a closing on your present situation,, and have a new beginning?

Let me help you…keep reading, follow me on fb or email (if you haven’t already), and share the information!

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